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Pristagare 1906 Award – Zhanpeng Shi, IEC TC 95

Zhanpeng Shi

SEK gratulerar Zhanpeng Shi till utmärkelsen IEC 1906 Award 2022!

IEC 1906 Award utdelas till tekniska experter som har utmärkt sig med en betydelsefull insats i standardiseringsarbetet. SEK Svensk Elstandard uppmärksammar pristagarna som är verksamma inom SEKs verksamhet genom att hålla en intervju om arbetet.  Zhanpeng Shi (då Hitachi Energy) prisas för sin insats som teknisk expert i IEC TC 95 Measuring relays and protection equipment.

Why are you and your company participating in standardization? 

- IEC standards are critical for all manufacturers in the electrical field. The standards provide instructions and guidelines for the manufacturers to ensure that their products meet safety, quality, and performance requirements. Participation in standardization working groups provides the opportunities for individuals and organizations to access the best practices and gain insights into the latest technical trend in the field.

- Additionally, it can help the company to identify the potential gaps of their products at the early stage and reduce the cost associated with corrections during the conformity assessment. As a key player in this industry, Hitachi Energy understands the importance of staying up to date with industrial standards and encourages the employees to participate in standardization working groups. 

You have been awarded the IEC 1906 Award for your work within IEC TC 95. Would you like to tell us briefly about the work? 

- First, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the nomination to the IEC 1906 Award. I have been participating in IEC TC 95 MT4 since 2012. It was a great experience to work with experts from all over the world. During the last ten years, I have been working on several IEC 60255 series standards, especially on IEC 60255-187-1: Functional requirements for differential protection, which I was involved throughout the entire process – from the initial drafting phase all the way to the final publication. I feel so proud to have been a part of TC 95 and contributing to the standardization of measuring relays and protection equipment. 

What have been some challenges in relay standardization, and how they have been dealt with? 

- Traditionally, the protection relays have relied on the analog measurement signals from the instrument transformers to detect the faults in the power system. Due to the appearance of low power instrument transformer, the measurement signals received by protection relays are transmitted in the form of digital sampled values. This raises the question about the digital interfaces for protection relays. To address this issue, TC 95 established a working group to investigate this topic and meanwhile collaborates with TC 38 to revise and develop the relevant standards in response to the evolution of digital technology. 

Vi gratulerar ännu en gång till utmärkelsen, Zhanpeng!

Martin Lind
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